About Basic&Bipolar

I love leggings and being irrationally difficult. I’m not  a comedian or even a great writer. I am, however, someone who has a lot to say about the universe I love and the ever expanding human population in it. Oh, and I have this unmatched super power that sends men running and screaming for their lives.

I created this site because I wanted a space where my friends and I could be comfortable being our authentically raw selves. A place where we’re just humans with an abundance of feelings.

We’re always looking for new friends to contribute to our (sometimes) chaotic dialogue at B&B. Feel free to reach out via Facebook or in the comment sections below.

We are Basic&Bipolar.

To find me on Facebook (click for link)
And Instagram: @basicandbipolar

26 thoughts on “About Basic&Bipolar

  1. Hello, Jane! Thanks so much for checking out our brand new blog, pscigarette. Since we’re just getting started, we’re so glad you stopped by 🙂 We’re all about the idea that people should feel comfortable exploring their true selves without judgment!

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  2. hi, jane! i’ve nominated you for the sunshine blogger award tag because you were one of the first people to follow me and it made my day when i first started my blog. feel free to do it if you want, but you don’t have to. thanks 🙂


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