I haven’t shared my writing in months, and it’s not out of a lack of inspiration or motivation. I’m still writing every day. I haven’t shared, because I got into a space where I was living less, and obsessing over my different projects so much that it all felt as if it was never ready. With the season change, I’ve been busy trying to do more living, so I haven’t really revisited the writings I benched during my SAD induced bouts of silence.

A lot of other creatives or introverts (I fall somewhere between the two -I think) can attest to the struggle of needing to push ourselves to do more living for the sake of not only our sanity, but to have something new and tangible to write about…. so, I’ve been trying just that: living more, obsessing (slightly) less. In addition to being an introvert, I also have the season to thank for my bouts of being more introspective and obsessive than usual.

As many of you OG followers know, I (the creator of B&B) do not suffer from any of the Bipolar disorders listed in the DSM-5. For those of you who are new to my site or Instagram, the name I chose was a middle finger to the labels women are unfairly given so frequently and that’s all.

However, I do experience bouts of depression -as we all tend to do throughout the ebb and flows of life. And acknowledging and tending to that is so important to me; mental health is hugely important to me (as it should be to us all). I live in the north, and SAD (seasonal affective disorder) effects a lot of northerners; I’m certainly no exception. Overcoming SAD every winter can sometimes be a brutal fight, and my writing and life get very introspective and obsessive as a result.

But it’s finally summer, and I feel like myself again! It’s never easy staying out of that winter “funk”, but I feel great.

So, here I am… checking in and letting you all know that all is well with the folks at Basic&Bipolar. We’re all packing away our winter coats along with our winter blues… and I (the creator and OG) am doing my very best to human alongside everyone else. I’ve got a few unfinished writing projects that I’ll be finishing up this summer (like a book), as well as some posts I’ve been working -like a piece about body image issues and how I’ve managed to be curvy af and not totally hate myself over it. Stay tuned!

Love to you all, and as always…thank you for continuing on this journey.

To be continued,


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