I’ve been haunted by a ghost every night since you left. 

He shows up only when my thoughts have quieted. 

He looks like possibility, and sounds just like you.

You were rough around the edges, and especially dismissive. 

I found your polo shirts repetitive, and your “nice guy” facade hard to swallow.

You took up all of the space in the room with your obnoxious laugh.

Your obnoxious laugh… 

though only known to my ears for a brief stint, it’s taken-up permanent residence in my mind and haunts my moments of solitude. 

To drown it out, I think about how the sun touches down on the earth, kissing her daily

…and how warm that unfailing embrace must feel. 

I wonder if the plants miss the sun in the dark of winter as much as I miss your obnoxious laugh in the silence of night.

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