10 Stupid Things Romance Movies Teach About Love

Romance movies and Rom Coms have done me no services as a young adult.

However, there is one Rom Com that doesn’t do me wrong: Trainwreck. Holy shit did Amy get that screenplay right. Though the story-line gets a little silly at times, it’s actually extremely relatable. Dating in my twenties has been a total grab bag of experiences mixed with Vodka (shaken, not stirred). When you’re young, sometimes you really do date a John Cena-type (in appearance and personality), and sometimes you date a Bill Hader-type.

But not all writers are Amy Schumer, and not all romance movies get it right.



Films and Things

Romance movies are nothing more than mindless escapism. A chance to take out the Kleenex and indulge in some sickly sweet entertainment, admire the attractive cast and let ourselves get emotional about the characters on the screen. Who didn’t shed just a little tear at some point during Dirty Dancing? And don’t even get me started on P.S. I Love You.

The truth is, most romance movies are stupid and unrealistic. An over the top idea of what love is all about, perhaps even a metaphor for love that takes all the little things and blows them into extremes for our viewing pleasure. Some claim romance movies are damaging, and I get that, maybe impressionable teenage girls watch them and do genuinely start to believe that love should be like it is in The Notebook and refuse to settle for anything less; i.e. refuse to live in the…

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