On Growing Up As an Unskinny Asian

This is a must-read. Body image issues is something that we can ALL relate to. 

Originally published on XoJane.com 

Growing up as an Asian American, I knew I would never have the long legs or double lidded blue eyes of the models that graced the TV screens and magazines I saw. Hell, I might not even have the tan skin if my melanin continued to refuse to cooperate. I recognized […]


4 thoughts on “On Growing Up As an Unskinny Asian

  1. Coincidentally I’m also a thicker Asian that’s felt a lot of similar backlash from people in my family and even outside my family. I also coincidentally have a Bipolar I diagnosis so my weight has been fluctuating back and forth. I’m 5’4″ and started at 120 lbs and gained over 40 pounds from mood stabilizers. The great thing earlier this year was that I came to an acceptance of my body and long story short I believe that I would rather be fat and happy than skinny and miserable.

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    1. This was written by a very beautiful soul, and I just merely reposted it because it is too relatable. Thank you for sharing your story with me. I’m proud of you for acknowledging that size doesn’t equate happiness. I think that’s something we all struggle with. C’est la vie when you’re a woman in any culture.


  2. Thank you. But also I might add, I was not “fat.” I may have been “fat” to some people’s standards (especially in an Asian upbringing). But I exercised, I ate right, I did what I was supposed to be doing to maintain my weight. Basically, my weight made too many people feel uncomfortable. People who are discomforted by my belly and love handles can go suck it. My happiness and mental health matters more than the way i look!

    Much love, you have an amazing blog. Keep it up, I’ll be reading!


    1. You know what’s funny, anytime I’ve heard someone make a “fat girl” comment, I’ve always said “that’s your problem, not hers.” -like the people who make comments like “she should NOT be wearing that!” Nah, you should NOT be shaming and judging. So, good on you for seeing those standards for what they are: total bullshit. 😘😘 thank you for the lovely words. So many kisses to you. Xxxx


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