Erica II



Kevin now has his own corner on Basic&Bipolar. Enjoy his beautiful words below, and under the menu option “It’s All Copacetic“.

I’ve memorized how many steps it takes to get to your room.

Not because I keep count, but because I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve walked that path.

I’ve learned to navigate through your house in the dark, tip toe dancing around every shadow and missing every loose floorboard for fear of waking the ghosts of our past.

Not because I’ve made enemies with them, but because they are no longer happy when I’m around.

Still, I make my way through obstacle courses of the pain and misery that comes with my having you, only to have you for one more night.

Not because I enjoy the sorrow, but because you’re worth the suffering.

I’ll create more of the ghosts that I keep putting to rest just to navigate your coasts and put my heart to the test.

I’ve taken so much more than I ever thought I could before for just one more night with my arms wrapped tight around the only girl to ever create and destroy my world.

And if ever faced with the question, I’d do it all over again.

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