Relationship Milestones


Relationship milestones are a total right-of-passage, and these “benchmarks” are hilarious and spot-on

I can’t say I’ve had anyone go to the bathroom while I was brushing teeth -that would be disturbing- but I do remember the first time I went without makeup in front of a mate. I don’t wear a lot of makeup, but it was freeing to have a clean face and relax without worrying about falling asleep with mascara on (because it’s the absolute worst).

I have had a few ladies message me, to talk to me about the phases of adjustment in a new relationship. Sometimes adjustments are awkward and uncomfortable.

Relationships new and old: how many of you remember these milestones?? These little (but big) relationship  “benchmarks” should be celebrated, because as I’ve said, relationships are fucking hard and any victory (small or big) is a win!

To Be Continued,


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