Drunk Text That Ex

imageUnless you’re me, and your drunk alter ego is a shady c**t who erases all evidence that you drunk texted AND called your ex the night before.

This is why it’s important to deal with our shit during the day, guys… If we push our feelings down, they’ll bubble up and demand to be acknowledged when we’re in NO capacity to deal with them.

I’m Basic&Bipolar, and I am a chronic drunk texter.

So, apparently after four+ vodkas, I decided to tell my ex he still hasn’t given my movies back after several requests, and “damnit I want them back. They’re mine, you fuck!” -which is wildly embarrassing, and we all know how well anyone would comply to a request like that.

Are any of you equally as embarrassing when drunk and irritated!? -Because I’m embarrassing, and I love a good ‘hot mess’ story! I want to hear ‘m -I know I’m not the only crazy ass out there!

To Be Continued,


11 thoughts on “Drunk Text That Ex

  1. I pissed on my boyfriend’s bed one drunken incident.. I think I pissed twice in one night because the entire bed was dripping wet 😦 I stopped drinking for six months. Oh and we got married, we have a son now lol

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  2. Hey! I’m finally getting around to checking out people who have started following me recently. This post is hilarious to me. I drink but I’ve never been drunk so I don’t have a good story from that perspective. I did however have a thing with a guy that called me drunk all the bloody time. Now that was interesting. I’d listen for a good while just for entertainment’s sake but eventually hang up because he was too gone and not worth the time. Funniest thing I think he ever said to me was, “There’s something in the carpet…but I can’t tell if it’s a dead mouse or if I shit the floor.”

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    1. hahahahaha that’s hilarious. Yeah, I don’t drink often, and I also don’t drunk dial and text often…but when I do, it’s usually because I’ve been putting off saying something incredibly sassy. -Thanks for popping by, and sharing your story! xx

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