I’m 25, and I’m still not entirely sure what love is. So far, I know he’s someone I adore fiercely, but also someone who frustrates me …but I still don’t really know how to pinpoint when it happens, or if it’s just a connection? Whatever that means.

To be honest, I still don’t know how to label the example I’m about to give. I don’t know if it was a “connection”, or what the hell it was. I only know that I felt so at home with this guy, and that I’ve never felt that way before with someone. During the entirety of our first date, I felt like I had been waiting to feel surrounded by this calm, comforting guy for the longest time.

I must also say, this isn’t something that happens to me often. 

He was different..he was such a beautiful man. Yes, he was attractive- but something else about him just made him so much more beautiful to me. I was determined to turn him into my best friend, or pretty much anything that kept him close for as long as possible. I still maintain the belief that I’ve never encountered that feeling with another person. Every time we spent time together or talked, I felt that same way I did on our first date. It didn’t dull, it only grew. I don’t know how to better describe it: he was absolutely beautiful to me, and that’s all I know. 

The relationship didn’t last, but I remember how he made me feel… it was a little magical. And that’s something I get to keep with me. 

To Be Continued,



20 thoughts on “Love?

  1. I knew I wanted that girl when I found that we’ve been talking for hours and it still felt like we were just beginning. It was a strange connection. When you feel like you can (not just want) to spend 24 hours with a person, that’s love.


  2. I have times where I just see someone and talk with them and realize there is this connection. I don’t know if its love, but its like my heart is saying YOU IDIOT THIS PERSON IS SOMEONE YOU NEED TO TALK TO, SOMEONE YOU NEED TO BE WITH! ASK HER OUT YOU DUMB ASS. I think its a weird way of saying there is possibility for love to grow here.


    1. Right!? What is that? …that connection or response that makes your whole vessel gravitate towards this person, and something in your mind says “Yes, this is exactly where you should be right now. This feels right!” It’s the coolest and weirdest thing at the same time!


      1. I don’t believe at love at first sight, but maybe its like a “pre love” where there is just a moment when you click and things just fall into place. I have had moments where I am like “this girl is going to be my wife, we are going to be married” It is so weird its like suddenly my mind is saying “this one is wife material! And you work well with someone”


      2. Yeah, I don’t know if I’ve experienced “love at first sight”. I think that is a phenomena that is saved for true romantics. I’m too skeptical to allow myself to accept that as a reality. But I agree with you, the experience that I had written about in “Eight” was a lot like that. I felt like…he was a great counterbalance for what I bring to the table. I don’t know. It was lovely at the time, though.


      3. I think that is what love is maybe. Someone who fits your piece of the puzzle. You don’t force it, you don’t cut the edges off to make it appear like it fits, it just does. It may sound cheesy, but maybe its like they fit the description of someone you’re looking for. They just get you, you get them. You start on the same page and things can just grow from there.


      4. Yeah, maybe it is … Whatever the label is, it’s a great feeling, and not one I’ve gotten to experience often. Maybe I’m too distracted to notice the frequency of those moments. The one I wrote about was very unique. I’ve never felt so “on the same page” with someone. Lol The daydreaming about the future came months later. Those crazy ones, where I’m thinking “Our kids would have the cutest curly hair.” Hahaha oh, love..It is pretty great sometimes. What an abrupt shit storm it can turn into, though!


      5. As long as they don’t know you’re thinking that ahead you should be ok. I feel like if people just confess this connection it could end badly


      6. I feel like if I spilled my connections with anyone on my blog and was like OMFG THEY ARE THE ONE and they were trying to look for my blog… INSTANTLY DELETE. Alarms would go off as I try and hide everything. It would be the same as me burning a diary. No one must know.


      7. Hahaha I know. I was questioning whether I should share that story, because he knows about my blog but I doubt he cares to read it. He’d have to actually put effort into searching for it.


      8. Yeah, we did. We actually don’t speak anymore. He was lovely, but also an ass. Who isn’t though? Lol…everyone is an ass to someone. In this situation, I got the short end of the stick.


  3. I first realized he loved me when he hauled his life from MI to Fl. I really felt love when I dreamed about what I would say to him all day long and when I thought about losing him, cried instantly. It’s a strange thing lol

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